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Cloud Physiotherapy Clinic

In this world there is nothing you truly owns except your body, soul and mind.
It is the time to give your body a check up and maintenance that they needed.


ตรวจ - รักษาอาการ

ปวด คอ บ่า ไหล่

ปวดไหล่ ไหล่ติด เอ็นอักเสบ
ปวดหลัง ชาร้าวลงขา
ปวดเข่า เข่าเสื่อม ปวดเรื้อรัง
ข้อเท้าพลิก รองช้ำ



Physical Analysis

Check up your muscle and joint health with a special techniques "Neurokinetic Therapy" which can detect the imbalance and roots of your pain and discomfort precisely and effectively.


Modalities & Treatment

Using the right treatment tools and manual techniques to help recovery the injuries quickly. At least the pain that you felt should be 20 - 50% relief in one sessions (Depend on the severity)

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Rehab & Prehab Program

We design an exercise specially for your condition to facilitate your treatment result and also prevent them from re-injuried while you were away from us. Stay Healthy.

Client Reviews

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